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Care Net does not perform or refer for abortion.

We can however offer information about abortion as well as your other options. You do have choices. Are you considering an abortion? Get the facts before you make your decision. If you live in the Wayne County area and would like more information about abortion or a confidential counseling session call us today at 315-573-7833. An ultrasound will confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are so you can get the best, most accurate information for you.

Call  315-573-7833 to arrange an ultrasound appointment.

Until you have an ultrasound exam, you can estimate how far along you are based on your Last Menstrual Period date (LMP). Count the number of weeks from the first day of your last period to the current date to estimate how far along you are. You can then use the links below to learn more about the abortion procedures you may experience.