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Many women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy believe they have only two real options: parenting or abortion. But there is a third option, adoption. You may ask yourself, “What if the adoptive family doesn’t take good care of my baby?” or, “I’ll spend the rest of my life thinking about my baby and where they are?”

These are normal questions to ask. It means you are already a concerned mother.

There are three common types of adoption:


In an open adoption, you can meet and get to know the family who will be adopting your child while you are still pregnant. You will make a plan together. It’s possible to arrange for letters, phone calls and even face-to-face visits. As your child grows, you can continue to stay in touch and be a regular part of his or her life, if you choose.


In a semi-open adoption, you can choose the adoptive parents from a profile, most often provided to you by an adoption agency. These profiles often contain pictures, references and a personal note from the couple to help you choose a family. Any letter or contact between you and your child would take place through your relationship with the adoption agency.


In a closed adoption, you won’t meet or have contact with the adoptive parents. This option can be preferable if you’re concerned about your privacy.

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