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Pregnancy is life-changing for everyone involved including the expecting father. We are here to help you too. We offer male mentors and Practical Fatherhood classes.


So you think she might be pregnant? Here’s some quick advice that may help:


  • Listen: she is just as frightened as you are. This affects more than just her life, but her body too.
  • Stay calm: she needs your support now more than ever.
  • Talk about it: together and with others. Hiding the news only increases the stress, so prepare to talk to both families.
  • Get accurate information: so you can make the best decision for both of you and your baby.
  • Be honest: it’s normal feel angry, frustration and afraid. Make sure she knows she’s not alone and that you aren’t angry with her.


  • Don’t blame: it isn’t her fault, you are in this together.
  • Don’t run: the more you try to hide from the situation the harder it will become for everyone. Be responsible, do the right thing.
  • Don’t push: work together as a team to make a decision everyone is comfortable with.


Research suggests that men may experience a profound sense of loss following abortion. The most common problems experienced by post-abortive men are anger, helplessness, guilt, relationship problems and grief. Given the magnitude of their loss, it is normal for men to struggle with these. It’s not uncommon for men to repress their own negative emotions as they try to be a strong support to their partners. This may make it more difficult for men to recognize and deal with their painful emotions. However, if such feelings aren’t resolved, they may lead to more serious consequences such as depression or an inability to maintain healthy relationships.