Quiz: Rate Your Risk for Experiencing Post Abortion Stress

  1. Are you single?
  2. Are you 18 or younger?
  3. Are you in your second or third trimester?
  4. Is having an abortion a difficult decision for you?
  5. Are you worried that your family/friends might find out that you are pregnant?
  6. Do you feel pressured by someone to have an abortion?
  7. Do you feel pressured by your circumstances to have an abortion?
  8. Do you feel rushed to have an abortion?
  9. Do you have any emotional or psychiatric problems?
  10. Have you had prior emotional or psychiatric problems?
  11. Do you have any unresolved trauma or grief?
  12. Have you been sexually assaulted or abused?
  13. Do you lack support from family or friends?
  14. Do you believe abortion is wrong?
 Factors that will determine how severely a patient experiences post abortion stress include:
  • A crisis situation surrounding your pregnancy
  • Urgency you feel when making the decision to have an abortion
  • Absence of a support system
  • Obligation to keep your pregnancy a secret
  • Denial about recognizing and resolving your losses


If you do recognize some of these symptoms or situations, after a recent abortion or one or more in your past, please contact us for the next confidential post abortion counseling education group, which can be formed for women or men. You are not alone!